Adaptive Augmented Reality

Adaptive Augmented Reality (A2R) is presented at SIMESITEM 2012.

The main goal of Adaptive Augmented-Reality (A²R) in ARtSENSE is to infer the interest or intention of a user to augment his reality with adapted meaningful information. Furthermore there is the necessity to intuitively interact with Augmented-Reality (AR) contents. Regarding ARtSENSE in the terms of human-computer interaction, interaction must be categorised into two types. On the one hand there is implicit interaction when the system observes the user freely viewing the environment. In this case the user is unconsciously interacting with the ARtSENSE system. Second there exists explicit interaction when the user consciously indicates interest, e. g., when pointing to some object. Gaze analysis and gesture recognition are used to contribute to both implicit and explicit interaction.